You can light with a BIC, write with a BIC, shave with a BIC, and even sail and call someone from a BIC. Société BIC, a French company, is best known for the production of lighters, pens and razors. BIC sells its products in over 160 countries. The primary points of sale are office shops, kiosks, drugstores and supermarkets. The founder Baron Marcel Bich started with the BIC Cristal pen in 1949, which won first prize in Europe.
BIC products provide simple solutions for daily needs. In creating its first product, the BIC Cristal pen, BIC decided to focus on what matters: creating something simple but reliable, facilitating something we all do and which can be used by everyone. This vision is at the heart of every BIC product.
Every time BIC identifies a specific need, it responds with technical ingenuity in order to optimize performance, as a result of its constant research and development.
The best way to win customer loyalty is to provide the same quality of use from the beginning to the end. Each
BIC Cristal pen can thus draw a 2 km long line; each BIC maxi lighter produces 3000 flames, while each BIC Comfort 3 razor is good for 10 days of shaving.