Duracell alkaline batteries, known for their long life, have been in Atlantic Grupa's distribution portfolio since 1996. Duracell is the world's leading company in the production of alkaline batteries of high effectiveness. In 1916, Philip Mallory founded the Mallory Company in Great Britain. Its name was later changed to Duracell International. In 1964, Duracell as a brand was first launched on the American market. It merged with Gillette in 1996 and is today present in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Duracell has the position of "specialist" in the battery market, and its products can be trusted because they guarantee long life. Duracell's innovations were proven during the period of 1980 to 2005, as they always entered the market with innovative and advanced characteristics of batteries:

  • 1980 – introduced the first high-power photo-lithium battery
  • 1990 – introduced the patented On-Pack tester, which consumers could use to determine remaining battery strength.
  • 1992-93 – launched the first environmentally friendly battery with 0 % mercury.

Duracell recognizes that different appliances demand different levels of battery power, and it therefore offers a wide assortment of products to consumers. The choice is truly large, because apart from standard AA and AAA batteries, batteries for cameras, watches, security devices and other appliances, Duracell offers NiMH rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and a variety of lamps for home, car or outdoor use.

The two leading brands are Duracell Ultra M3 and Duracell Plus. All Duracell batteries are designed and produced according to EC86 and ISO9000 standards, which reflect a high, trustworthy work quality.

 work quality.