Ficosota Food was founded in 2005 with two main scopes of development – savory snacks and desserts. Currently, the company has its own 2 state-of-the-art production facilities, among the largest factories in Eastern Europe. Ficosota Food brands are present in over 70 markets on 6 continents.
The product range includes Maretti bruschetta chips, Kubeti bread snack, Mr Stix extruded potato snack, Livity energy bars, MyMotto wafers and B.Yond rice snacks. 

Maretti Bruschette is among the world’s best-selling Bruschetta brands. Seasoned on one side only, Maretti Bruschette Chips are giving you 2 in 1 snack with a choice of intense and mild taste - spices up for lighter or spices down for stronger taste. The brand is aimed at young adults, who enjoy life in general and are not afraid to search for new emotions.

Livity bars are named after the Rastafarian concept according to which energy exists within and flows through all people and all living things and one of the ways to increase it is by consuming natural food. Livity bars are made of clean, nutritious, and energy-effective ingredients, where no refined or processed sugar has been added. The superfruits and super-nuts will have you covered when it comes to micro & macro ingredients and amazing taste. Being inclusive to many lifestyles and individualities is an inevitable part of Livity as a brand and its values, therefore it’s not a surprise that the products are both lactose-free and gluten-free.

B.yond is a wholegrain brown rice snack which is just popped and never fried, nor baked combining both nutrition and excitement of tasty snacking in one. B.yond concept is based on blending “good-for-you” ingredients with signature tastes from around the world. So consumers would get more of what they want - rich taste, crispiness, interesting flavors brought to life with natural ingredients, but at the same time less of what they don’t - 50% less fat compared to regular fried potato chips, no artificial flavors, no frying, no artificial stuff, no added glutamate, no gluten. In the same time the packaging design is developed in line with the contemporary trends represented via illustrations of each flavor taking the consumer to the exact destinations, which inspired each flavor. The product concept is built on the global trend of “Fusion of tastes across categories and cultures” to combine flavors and experience from each into a new and more delightful snack. Stepping on that B.yond blends well-known tastes (i.e. Sea Salt, Sour Cream, Paprika and etc.) with signature after-taste from different cultures: Latin, Pacific, European and Nordic Cuisine.


Ficosota is an FMCG company founded in 1994 whose portfolio includes different categories, such as home and personal care, paper hygiene, disposable products and food. The company is today present in more than 70 countries with its 16 international brands. Atlantic Grupa in Macednoia has been distributing Ficosota brands since 2019, such as Savex for laundry care with powder and liquid detergents, capsules and softeners; Semana – premium fabric softener; Pufies, Reo, Feya and Milde – premium toilet paper.