johnson & johnson

In 1999, Atlantic Grupa began distributing personal care products from the world's respected producer. Johnson & Johnson is an international company with a century-old tradition in products especially adapted to consumers. Its goal is to improve health conditions within the population.

The consumer goods sector offers customers top products in the categories of personal and intimate hygiene:

Johnson's baby is the leading cosmetic line of care products for babies on the Croatian and world markets thanks to steady innovations in the area of body care for the youngest, and the creation of products with a unique complex of gentle and enriching ingredients for body and skin care.

Listerine the leader in the category of mouthwash consists of an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial mouthwash line.

Clean & Clear lotions and gel facial cleansers are specially formulated for youthful skin care.

The Neutrogena product line for body, face and hand care consists of the highest quality medical preparations developed in collaboration with dermatologists. It is characterized as quick and effective skin protection.

Johnson’s Adult product line consists of „Be Fresh“ shower gels that offer better value for money.

o.b. tampons are the leading tampons on the Croatian market due to an exceptionally advanced production technology and powerful investment into the brand.

The Carefree line primarily stands for hygienic and daily sanitary pads. Intimate tissues and baths are included in the Carefree line.

The Reach line of oral hygiene is represented by specially designed Reach toothbrushes and Reach dental floss.

Penaten In over 100 years of tradition, Penaten product line for children care has kept its recognizable quality along with many innovations that many years respond to the needs of mothers.