In the beginning of 2009, Atlantic Grupa started with the distribution of Nestlé’s product portfolio in the HoReCa channel (hotels, restaurants, cafés). This cooperation additionally enhances the offer of the Atlantic’s HoReCa assortment that now includes relevant NESCAFÉ products. The assortment for HoReCa channel includes three types of caffeine and chocolate drinks: instant coffee, specialties range and chocolate drinks that overall includes up to seven products.

Instant coffee - Nescafé classic

Specialities range
Nescafe Cappuccino
Nescafe Cappuccino Vanilla
Nescafe Cappuccino Chocolate
Nescafe Cappuccino Irish Cream

Chocolate drinks - Nesquik and Aero

Through the HoReCa channel Atlantic Grupa offers to consumers their favourite Nestlé brands outside their homes as well, by allowing them access to Nestlé products at any time and any place.