Atlantic Grupa distributes Rauch’s products in the HoReCa channel (hotels, restaurants, cafés) whereby special efforts were invested into developing distribution in specialised channels like this one. The goal of this partnership is to merge in a business relationship two companies with a mission to provide each individual with a possibility for a quality and healthy life. Rauch raises the bar in gastronomy, and the 0.2 litre bottle is completely irresistible for the fans of fruit juices. Stimulating the appetite, it is full of fruit and represents a new fashion in natural fruit flavours. Sugar-free rich taste with a combination of vitamins and minerals will win over even those who are burdened with calories.

100% fruit assortment is available in the following flavours: apple, orange with pulp, multivitamin, orange-carrot-lemon, blueberries, pineapple, tomato, grapefruit and mango. All ten flavours have the quality label “100% fruit – no added sugar”. Desire and pleasure!

Other well-known flavours are: apricot, red orange, black currant, orange, peach, strawberry, cherry and pear.