At the end of 2013 Atlantic Grupa took  over the distribution of one of the leading global producers of fast moving consumer goods. Unilever's portfolio consists globally renowned  brands such as Knorr, Rama, Lipton, Bertolli, Hellmann's, Dove, Axe, Rexona, Signal, Cif, Domestos, and many others. 

Unilever je is one of the leading multionational companies whose products, in a range of 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing, are consumed by two billion people every day. Unilever portfolio ranges from nutritionally balanced foods to indulgent ice creams, affordable soaps, luxurious shampoos and everyday household care products. The scale of Unilever corporate and brand recognition and success is best proven by the bare fact that 15 of the company’s brands generate sales in excess of 1 billion dollars a year.