To support its ambitious plans for growth, Atlantic’s dividend policy is based on the concept that the majority of revenue is retained by the company for purposes of reinvestment into its development initiatives.

Atlantic Grupa’s Dividend Policy will be implemented according to: development plans and the state of the capital market, the growth of net profits, revenue levels, expected property value growth, and other salient factors. When the aforementioned conditions are met, Atlantic intends to pay out up to 45% of consolidated profit as dividends to its shareholders.

In accordance with this policy, Atlantic’s Management and Supervisory Boards create proposals for dividend distribution, while the final decision regarding the amount and the manner of distribution is conducted by the General Assembly.

According to the Articles of Association of the Company, applicable regulations, and with prior consent of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board is authorized to pay out an advance on dividends to shareholders from the anticipated portion of net profits. Advance payments on dividends may amount to a maximum of half of the amount of yearly profit, minus the amount to be allocated to the company reserves pursuant to the law and the Articles of Association. Advance payments on dividends may not exceed 50% of last year’s profit.

Persons entitled to dividends are determined according to current, applicable laws and relevant practices of the Republic of Croatia.