What is the stock ticker symbol of Atlantic Grupa and in which stock exchanges is it listed?

The share of Atlantic Grupa PLC is listed on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the ticker symbol is ATGR.

Where can I find information on the current price and historical prices of the share of Atlantic Grupa PLC?
What is the total number of Atlantic Grupa’s shares?
Is Atlantic Grupa paying out a dividend?
How is the Atlantic Grupa's dividend being paid?
Where can I obtain Atlantic Grupa’s financial reports?
Who performs the audit of Atlantic Grupa’s financial reports?
Where can I receive updated information on the ownership structure of Atlantic Grupa?
What is the authorised capital of Atlantic Grupa?
When will be the next publication of results or meeting with investors?


T +385 1 2413 322
F +385 1 2413 901
[email protected]anticgrupa.com