The Greeencajt conference gathered individuals, companies, and institutions who spoke about the journey towards a sustainable future during the three day conference. This opportunity to further encourage efforts towards sustainable solutions and innovative strategies was also embraced by colleagues from Atlantic.

Zoran Stanković, Vice President for Finance, Procurement and Investments, spoke at the panel about the vision of the future, namely what sustainability and innovation topics bring to business strategies and how to develop and be profitable in the coming times. With interlocutors from the UN, Philip Moriss, EON, and Charisma Nova, he exchanged experiences from our industry and how we thread green policies through Atlantic’s strategy.

Lejla Dautović, Director of Research and Development at SBU Beverages, also participated in the panel where she highlighted the importance of companies’ ESG strategies and ways in which companies can adapt their operations to green principles. She emphasized that the difference is made by people themselves and their integration into sustainability processes because they play a key role when concrete actions need to be implemented through the organization. Employee motivation and passion for sustainable solutions is the best path towards a more sustainable future, she concluded.

Also, at Greencajt, Atlantic’s Kala & Value Day received a certificate for participating in the Co2mpensating By Planting project. This is a program that is implemented in Croatia and, in addition to reducing CO2 and producing oxygen, it directly affects the improvement of the quality of life of the local community. Namely, on last year’s Value Day, over 5,500 thousand trees were planted in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, ensuring an annual absorption of approximately 121T CO2, which is 0.5% of Atlantic’s annual emissions.