Atlantic receives the Above and Beyond Certificate in two new categories


Atlantic Grupa received its 11th Employer Partner Certificate, once again confirming its place in the most prestigious group of employers. In addition to the Employer Partner Certificate, Atlantic was also awarded a certificate in the “Impact” and “Future” categories.

Last year, the experts at SELECTIO Group, the leading group for consulting in human resources, designed the new Above and Beyond Certificate as part of the Employer Partner project. In order to receive the most prestigious certificate in the world of HR, an organisation needs to achieve above-average results during the certification process, and in addition demonstrate its use of top HR practices in at least one of five categories. Last year, Atlantic Grupa received the Above and Beyond Certificate in the areas of “Satisfaction” and “Innovation”, and this year it continued its successful streak by demonstrating quality HR practices in two additional areas – “Impact” and “Future”.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) results, which indicate the probability that an employee will recommend Atlantic Grupa as an employer to their friends and acquaintances, have shown a high level of employee satisfaction with Atlantic Grupa’s HR practices. They expressed tremendous satisfaction in the area of business clarity, organisational communication and rewards. The special attention that Atlantic Grupa pays to the quality and frequency of feedback, team cohesion and work-life balance has been especially emphasised.

Within Atlantic Grupa, considerable investments are made in education, as evidenced by the fact that more than 90% of last year’s education plan has been implemented. Financial investments in training have increased, with 42 hours per employee invested in education. Mentoring programmes are available to those returning from sick and maternity leave, and a culture of innovation and business progress is promoted through the Innowave programme. Employee satisfaction, the performance management system, wellbeing initiatives and the promotion of innovation are the key pillars that the SELECTIO Grupa certification team highlighted for Atlantic Grupa.