07/08/2019 COMMUNITY


LJUBLJANA July 8th, 2019 - Assemblies of the Petrol Olimpija BC and the Cedevita Zagreb BC have confirmed the merger of the two clubs to form the new Cedevita Olimpija BC headquartered in Ljubljana. The assembly elected Tomaž Berločnik as the President of the new club. Members of the new board of directors were also selected. The team coach is going to be Slaven Rimac, a Croatian expert, and great news is that Edo Murić, a Slovenian representative, has been signed with the team.

The assemblies of the previously separate clubs confirmed today their merger to form a new and united club - Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana BC, and then they selected the new board of directors consisting of: Igor Mervič, Damjan Kralj, Emil Tedeschi jr, Zoran Stanković, Jurij Žurej, Enzo Smrekar, Andrej Slapar, Tomaž Berločnik and Emil Tedeschi.

The members of the assembly at their constitutive meeting elected Tomaž Berločnik as the President of the club, while Emil Tedeschi was elected as the First Vice-president. Damjan Kralj, Igor Mervič and Andrej Slapar were chosen as the three vice-presidents. The new club got its Supervisory Board consisting of Silvester Zaman, the President, and members Bojan Župevc and professor Siniša Petrović, PhD, as well as the disciplinary commission consisting of Petar Ješelnik, the President, Robert Gašparac and Anton Pregelj.

The Board of Directors has also confirmed Davor Užbinec as the Club Director and Sani Bečirović as the Sports Director. As proposed by the Director and the Sports Director, the Board of Directors of the Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana BC has named Slaven Rimac the new Head Coach of the club. Doing so has also met all the legal regulations to found the Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana BC.

As soon as the next season, the new club will participate in European competitions, ABA League and the domestic championship. Negotiations with players are ongoing, and the final team members will be announced at the end of August. The team was happy to announce that Edo Murić, a member of Slovenia's golden team that won the European Championship in 2017, has joined the team.

Tomaž Berločnik, the President of the Cedevita Olimpija BC, stated: I am glad that both assemblies and the new Board of Directors have recognized the exceptional opportunity we have with the new Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana BC. We have everything: tradition, knowledge, good budget, heart, strong base of young basketball players in Ljubljana and Zagreb, as well as an exceptional basketball school and strong professional and business management. But most of all, our devoted fans. The team that consists of Davor Užbinec, Sani Bečirović and Slaven Rimac will prove that heart and quality play go beyond borders and that they are here for one thing only – exceptional basketball. Our wish is to watch superb games in Ljubljana and witness a team spirit and be motivation and an example to young basketball players, and participate in the creation of the best basketball talents. I look forward to the first game and everything this new, united energy, is going to bring us.

The club remains dedicated to working with young basketball players in both cities, both in Ljubljana and in Zagreb, as a portion of the new club's budget has been allocated for that purpose. It is more competitive and oriented toward ambitious goals: development of European and competitive basketball, participation in the 7Days Eurocup or Euroleague, finals in the regional ABA League and creation of one of the most important basketball schools and a factory of basketball talents in Europe.

Additional information:
Slaven Rimac has a rich basketball career that he started in Dubrava in 1989. In 2012 he ended his career wearing France's Pau-Orthez jersey. During that period, he became the Croatian national champion eight times, Turkish national champion two times and won two Croatian and Turkish cup winners titles. This sniper from Zagreb was a member of the Croatian representation in 1996 when they participated in the summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. In 1997 he also played in EuroBasket in Spain. He assumed the role of the coach in 2013 when he took over the position of the assistant coach of the Croatian representation and Zagreb’s Cibona. In 2013 he became the head coach of Cibona and won the title of the ABA League champion for the 2013/14 season. In 2017 he transferred to Cedevita as the assistant to the head coach, Jure Zdovc. Rimac also started the 2018/19 season as the assistant to Sito Alonso, a coach from Spain, and he also led the B team of the club in Zagreb. Once Sito left at the end of October, he took over the position of the head coach and lead Cedevita to the ABA League semi-finals, Croatian National Championship finals and the winner of the Croatian Cup title.

Edo Murić is a permanent member of the Slovenian men's basketball representation with which he achieved the greatest success in the history of Slovenian collective sports in 2017. At the Eurobasket in 2017, Slovenia won the title of the European champion. Murić began his sports journey in Ljubljana's Parklji, and his career then led him to Krka from Novo mesto with which he won four national champion titles between 2010 and 2014, one title of the Slovenian cup champion and the title of the Eurochallenge champion (2011). He then moved to Belgrade, to Partizan NIS, and during the 2016/17 season he wore the Banvit jersey. In September of 2017 he signed with Anadolu Efes, the club he left in December of the same year. He spent the 2017/18 season with Zielona Gora in Poland with which he parted ways in September of last year and joined Zagreb's Cedevita in December of last year.