10/20/2016 COMMUNITY

Atlantic Grupa Boosts the Atmosphere at Ljubljana’s Career Fair

If you were to come across the opportunity of a lifetime in an elevator, how would you take advantage of it in that short time for the duration of the ride?

At the beginning of the month, Atlantic Grupa presented itself at Slovenia’s largest career fair – Delo – held at the Cankar Centre in Ljubljana. Inspired by the challenge from the introduction we have designed special interactive Elevator Pitch booth to get a hold of just the right candidates among 13 thousand visitors.

The opportunity to reach the top at Atlantic Grupa roused great interest at the fair and thrilled visitors who were not afraid to step out of their habitual mode of presentation to employers, and jump into our elevator to present themselves and their work in 60 seconds. More than 180 individuals used this act to demonstrate that they have what we’re looking for – curiosity, courage, an adventurous spirit, and a dose of humour.

Dear Atlantic Grupa, hi. My name is Alexia Spyridonidou and I’m going to talk directly to your language ;)