03/13/2020 COMMUNITY

Atlantic Grupa in effort of protecting human health and business operations

In light of the growing threat of the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Atlantic Grupa wants to contribute to the efforts of protecting human health in our environment to the maximum extent possible, taking into account the viability of our business and broader economic activity in the long term. As an organization, we are focused primarily on the health of our employees and prevention of infection, and have accordingly adapted our business activities to the new circumstances.

The business system of Atlantic Grupa, from production to distribution, including corporate support functions, is prepared to respond appropriately in different scenario developments.  According to our developed crisis management procedures, we have identified key risks to our business operations and implemented all necessary adaptations to the process. We are managing inventories and adjusting quantities being produced, as well as carrying out intensive sanitation procedures at all levels – from providing instructions on behaviour in these new circumstances to our employees to disinfecting the premises in which we spend time and work. Business trips outside of home countries and business meetings are suspended until further notice. We instruct employees to use the Skype for Business application for business meetings and, if possible, work from home.
The consequences of the current epidemiologically conditioned crisis will certainly leave a mark on us all, but we strive to minimize them by behaving and organizing our work in the most responsible way, bearing in mind that we do not currently know for how long these special conditions will be in place and thus striving to systematically monitor the effects of this crisis on our business performance. Our processes are relatively highly digitalized and our employee mobility is high in terms of work-from-home possibilities, which certainly makes it easier for us to operate in the current conditions.

Atlantic Grupa  is thanking to all its partners, who are faced with the same challenges themselves, for their understanding and cooperation in these changed circumstances. We hope that the crisis will be overcome soon and the consequences for all of us will be minimal, primarily in terms of the health of our colleagues, and only then in terms of the stability of our business.