01/14/2022 COMMUNITY

Atlantic is looking for youngsters hungry for knowledge and work experience!

Atlantic Grupa opened the applications for the new generation of Atlantic Graduate Trainee students, a programme for young people looking for the first full time jo

An opportunity for the insatiable

Atlantic Graduate Trainee is a program which gives an opportunity to the young graduates without or with little relevant work experience to start their career in just the perfect way. The programme lasts for 12 months and offers insatiable graduates the chance to get a broader overview of business. To make things sweeter, their development will include the support of their mentor, a specialist for talent development, a series of educations and gatherings with other colleagues in the programme. In this generation, we are looking for fresh young forces in the Sales of the Strategic Distribution Units Croatia and Serbia. Applications are open until 24th January 2022.

DISCOVER DETAILS OF THE JOB VACANCY AND THE APPLICATION HERE: https://careers.atlanticgrupa.com/job-invite/12426/

Coffee for the curious ones

If you know someone who would be fit for this opportunity like the cherry on top (perhaps YOU!), invite them to join us for online Radically Open Coffee where our colleagues from the employment team and the team for talent development, together with two of our former students in the Graduate Trainee programme will answer all the questions that the interested candidates might have! The coffee will be held online, on 20th January 2022, 9:00-10:30.