08/09/2019 COMMUNITY

Celebratory Edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival with Atlantic

The 25th consecutive Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) will have a special celebratory atmosphere. The festival represents a place where art, culture and creativity come together gathering the most important names from the world of film for many years.  

This year, Atlantic Grupa, bound to the SFF by many years of friendship, thanks to its platform entitled “We Are All From the Same Film“, will enable visitors and social network followers to become a part of the “Biggest Heart of Sarajevo“. Art connects people, and heart is the symbol of openness, emotion and passion towards films and the main idea behind the festival. Many popular actors from the region have joined the “We Are All From the Same Film“ project and have sent a specially emotional message ahead of the SFF jubilee edition. Popular names from films, such as Rene Bitorajac, Nataša Janjić, Moamer Kasumović and others, have joined the project via video messages and their social networks. Thanks to modern technologies, during the past years, the “We Are All From the Same Film“ platform has enabled many film fans to experience the special SFF atmosphere without even having to visit Sarajevo during the festival. This year, under the same #SviSmoMiIzIstogFilma message, Atlantic Grupa and Sarajevo Film Festival will make it possible for all those who post photographs with the heart symbol on their social networks or send it via a form to the website with the same name to become a part of the “Biggest Heart of Sarajevo“ mosaic that will be ceremoniously revealed in Sarajevo on August 18th.