06/10/2012 COMMUNITY

Charity event and dance in one!

At the end of May, Cockta Rossa, together with Žito Gorenjka and the Ljubljana Lions Club Forum, participated in a charity action to raise funds for increasing the number of activities of the blind and visually impaired in sports, recreational, culturally artistic activities, their development and education, and their proper inclusion in the community.

A 240-metre long dessert was put on display in downtown Ljubljana, with Cockta Rossa at its side. A total of ten thousand packages were made, which were then sold for charity to every participant at the event. The highlight of the charity event was a Flash Mob* to Cockta’s song Program tvog kompjutera, which happened twice, and the guests were entertained for a full 6 hours by Cockta radio. The Flash mob gathered 300 members and thrilled around a thousand spectators.