03/21/2016 COMMUNITY

Cockta Stands Proud with the Slovenian Eagles

Last weekend, for the 63rd time, Cockta quenched the thirst of thousands of visitors and adorned the torsos of Slovenian ski jumpers at Planica.

This year’s Ski Jumping World Cup gathered 110 000 spectators over four days, with as much as 84% of Slovenians eagerly following the competition on their televisions as well. Cockta is rightly proud of the remarkable victories of Peter Prevc, Robert Kranjec, and other Slovenian skiers, as a supporter of their efforts not only during the Planica Ski Cup, but also as sponsor of a special Cockta Cup – an all-year competition system that enables young skiers from 14 years on to gain experience and perfect their skiing skills. For it is solely owing to many years of hard work and professional efforts that talented skiers become world champions.

Cockta at the Service of Sports

The sports event at Planica that back in 1953 first launched Cockta with its attractive billboards, hostesses, promotional trucks, and audio messages, was one of the first large-scale integrated marketing campaigns, but also the first such link between the economy and sports in Slovenia. Despite the fact that the sports industry was not so developed at that time, Cockta’s campaign became a textbook example of the broader activation of sports sponsorships as we know them today. Over 63 years, there have been changes in state systems, ownership, and Cockta’s image as well, but it still remains closely tied to sports, Planica, and the Slovenian Eagles, as the earliest and most enduring form of sports sponsorship in Slovenia.