08/08/2017 COMMUNITY

Experience the Sarajevo Film story - live!

August 12 on the  SviSmoMiIzIstogFilma.com website you have an opportunity to watch  "The Other Side of Hope", a Finnish film that opens this year's Sarajevo Film Festival. 

The Sarajevo Film Festival and Atlantic Grupa have been working together for an entire decade, and it is a traditional sponsorship that brings forth numerous novelties each year. This year's Festival lasts from August 11 - 18, and opens with the screening of the Finnish film "The Other Side of Hope", awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival.

In order to provide friends of the festival, citizens of the region, and of course, Atlantic employees with a unique film experience wherever they may be, we have created a special project together with the Festival entitled "We Are All From the Same Film", to enable the online viewing of the film which will open this central regional cultural manifestation. On a special website created just for this occasion, SviSmoMiIzIstogFilma.com (We Are All From the Same Film), on August 12 we will have a screening of the film "The Other Side of Hope" for all lovers of good movies and the SFF. Let us join and watch together, and delve into a film that questions contemporary issues on refugees and related social topics, which are at the same time entertaining and alarming, and above all propagating humanity. 


Feel the magic of the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival from the comfort of your own home because

                                             WE ARE ALL FROM THE SAME MOVIE