09/28/2016 COMMUNITY

Grab the Opportunity to Reach the Top at Atlantic Grupa!

Atlantic Grupa has decided to offer energetic, creative, and driven individuals the opportunity to take matters into their own hands and present themselves in a unique and fresh way.

On Friday, October 5, at the career fair “Moje Delo” in Ljubljana, you will have the opportunity to present yourself and your ideas in an entirely innovative way by means of an audio-visual message, and make use of the unique occasion to create your career path and reach the top at Atlantic Grupa. Find our booth, enter the “Elevator Pitch”, and present yourself and your work to our HR Specialsts. After the fair, we will send you a one-minute video, which will act both as a memento of our encounter, as well as an opportunity for personal development and further training.

If you would like to officially apply for upcoming open job positions at Atlantic Grupa, sign up in our database HERE.

“In Atlantic, you can really enrich your career because you have the opportunity to work in a very dynamic and diversified business system – both geographically and organisationally. This provides great room for growth and development. What pushes me the most is that while selecting and fulfilling my professional choices I have an abundance of freedom and support from terrific colleagues.”

Ivana Đorđević, Corporate Director for Talent Management and Development