05/21/2014 COMMUNITY

Humanitarian Aid for all the Countries Affected by the Flood

Due to the increased interest of the public about the activities of Atlantic Grupa in times of one of the greatest humanitarian crises that struck the region, and with no intention for humanitarian actions to become a mean of promotion, we would like to inform interestedparties that on Friday (May 16) Atlantic Grupa started a coordinated campaign of help in all three countries that were hitby floods and in which company operates.

Atlantic Grupa donated products in following categories - water (Kala and Kalnička), personal hygiene (Plidenta, Aseptolete), canned food (Argeta) and snacks (Štark products). In Croatia, the help is provided through the system of State reserves, while in Serbia as of weekend organized donations were delivered through Crisis Centers. In Bosnia and Herzegovina donations are being dispatched through official organizations that are equipped with special boats and helicopters.

The total value of the donations will exceed 2.5 million KN. Also, Atlantic Grupa made the decision to financially aid all of it's employees whose homes have been damaged in the floods. Analysis of the number of affected employees as well as assistance program drafting are in progress.

If you wish to help, personal donations can be made in following ways:

• Payments to the Red Cross account number IBAN HR 6923400091511555516, reference number 08 
• Calls to the help line number 060 90 11 ( 6,25 KN , VAT included)
• On-line donations on the website of Croatian Red Cross.
• Donations of food and water, all interested employees from continental Croatia can bring to the municipal or city subsidiaries of Croatian Red Cross. Addresses of the Red Cross subsidiaries are available on their website http://www.hck.hr/hr
• In Zagreb, donations of food and water can be brought to the Croatian Red Cross, Crveni križ street 16, between 8:00 to 20:00 hours .