06/11/2015 COMMUNITY

The First Electric Car in Atlantic – Opportunity to Grow in Harmony with Nature

Since the beginning of June car pool in Atlantic Grupa is reinforced by its first electric car - Renault Zoe, demonstrating company's alignment with the future technologies. With its attractive green appearance Atlantic's Zoe reminds both the employees and their fellow citizens of the environmental responsibility.

What are the benefits?

The car will be used for city rides, which will have many benefits for environment and people living in it, in comparison to standard petrol cars:

  • noise reduction
  • no CO2 emission
  • no harmful nitrogen oxides
  • no solid particles in the air
  • doesn’t generate waste oil, contaminated filters or wasted plugs
  • lower overall cost per kilometre

Hereby Atlantic Grupa steps into a new era of responsible growth, the one that’s in harmony with nature. Among the first companies in the region, it embarks on the journey to reduce greenhouse gas emission.