09/01/2016 COMMUNITY

Triple Bridge – A Musical Partnership with Good Taste

An uncommon installation and an outstanding symphonic concert marked the beginning of the cooperation between Atlantic Grupa and a new project in the cultural sphere – The Triple Bridge European Career Centre for Artists.

It is a centre for the career training of classical musicians, based on the successful work and results of the Branimir Slokar Academy and the Ljubljana International Orchestra, made up of musicians from 40 European countries. Triple Bridge is a unique organisation founded on the idea to merge artists and audiences, the traditional and digital age, and business and culture.

The slogan “We support great music with good taste” also marks the prospective cooperation with these talented classical musicians across Europe and in the region. The orchestra held many concert performances in European cities throughout the year, which opens the opportunity for the tasteful presentation of our assortment with international potential. One should also not be surprised if unexpected street concerts by top classical musicians along with premium delicacies on the squares or bus/train stations of these cities captivate the ears and taste buds of new fans of Granny’s Secret, Argeta, Multipower, Cedevita, or Donat.

Ljubljana residents were treated to one such experience last weekend in the city core at Triple Bridge, where a “Music Box” was set up that emitted the sounds of the world’s best classical compositions all across town. It was an opportunity to feed all the senses of not only classical music connoisseurs but also those who are not so familiar with it. A list of 50 of the world’s best classical pieces offered everyone the chance to treat themselves or a loved one with the gift of music with good taste.

Throughout the entire day, by means of messages on the Music Box, passers-by had the opportunity to choose compositions from the installation whose melodies spread across the square. On Saturday evening, the surprise gained a new dimension when the Ljubljana International Symphonic Orchestra, organised by the Triple Bridge, encircled Atlantic’s Music Box and gave a live performance, so that the entire Triple Bridge was honoured with a concert of young virtuosos and complemented with standing ovations. On Sunday, the Ljubljana International Orchestra held a symphonic concert at the Grand Hotel Union in honour of the opening of the European Career Centre for Artists, conducted by the famous conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, who is also the founder and artistic director of the Triple Bridge project.

We look forward to the new installation, and you… if you hear a classical piece in your city, turn around twice… you may see someone famous who will also offer you a tasty bite.