11/10/2012 CORPORATE

Argeta in cooperation with the prestigious San Rocco restaurant

At the end of each year, Argeta prepares a gourmet delight – the combination of excellent flavours in black packaging called Argeta Exclusive.

Our thrilled consumers have already become accustomed to it. This time, Argeta has taken another step further on the culinary ladder: this year’s exclusive flavour was created in cooperation with one of the best Croatian restaurants San Rocco, which is shown in its name: Argeta Exclusive pâté à la San Rocco. The recipe for this year’s Argeta Exclusive was created by the head chef of the San Rocco restaurant, who climbed to the top of Istrian and Croatian gastronomy with his culinary specialties.

His recipe was then adapted by Argeta’s food experts to the demands of the production process, and was then used to prepare this year’s exclusive product. That cooperation in the black packaging has combined the best flavours of Istria: young beef enriched with asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes. The new Argeta Exclusive, which was once again produced in a limited edition, can already be found on store shelves.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Argeta Exclusive has just launched its web site where the prestigious Argeta brand product is presented.
Visit us at www.argeta.hr/exclusive