06/24/2011 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa – Regional Business Partner

Atlantic Grupa was proclaimed the Croatian Regional Business Partner for 2011 as a part of the traditional manifestation organized by Mass Media International from Belgrade.

This award has affirmed the best companies and institutions from each regional country for more than 17 years with the slogan “The partner is most important in business and in life.” Dragomir Kostić, Executive Director of Atlantic Brands, accepted the award in the name of the company at a formal ceremony, held June 23rd in the Continental Hotel in Belgrade.XXX

“This year, within the context of the acquisition of Droga Kolinska, company management focused on the fast and efficient integration and achieving the planned synergy. Special care was given to the organic growth of our product categories and strengthening the functioning of regional distribution, as well as managing costs, liquidity, and fulfilling existing financial obligations,” said Kostić while accepting the award.

“Atlantic systematically tries to adapt its strategic business in all its segments to the regional conditions and needs of the countries with which it does business, and achieves that through all members of the Group, so in Serbia as well – from responsibility to employees, business partners, the financial community and living environment, to responsibilities to the public sector and expanded social community, which is the core of good partner relations and successful business,” according to the statement made by Mass Media International at the awards ceremony.