11/30/2020 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa and Procaffe Enter into Strategic Partnership

For Atlantic, the beginning of December will be marked by business growth in its largest production category, boosted by a partnership with one of the leading players in the espresso coffee market.

Atlantic Grupa has entered into a strategic partnership with the company Procaffe, one of the leading players in the Croatian espresso coffee market. The efforts that the company’s founder Karlo Blonder has put into business growth over the last 25 years have resulted in a  successful company that is currently present in more than 800 HoReCa entities in Croatia and it will continue its successful business journey within the Atlantic system. This new partnership will ensure a stronger presence of Atlantic Grupa in the espresso coffee segment
in the HoReCa channel.

“With more than 23 thousand tonnes of coffee produced in four factories annually, Atlantic Grupa is the leading coffee producer in the region. We are the leading company in the Serbian market with our brand Grand kafa, undisputed leader in Slovenia with the brand Barcaffe and a strong contender for the leading position in the Croatian market, where our market share has increased from 4 to the current 16.6 percent after the acquisition of Droga Kolinska in 2010. With a share of over 20 percent in total revenues, coffee is the largest individual
business category in Atlantic Grupa and certainly one of strategically most important ones for business development”, said Mate Štetić, General Manager of the SBU Coffee in Atlantic Grupa.
Following last year’s successful establishment of a partnership with the company Vivascaffe Professional, which is present in more than 300 HoReCa entities, partnership with Procaffe constitutes a new important contribution to the development of Atlantic Grupa’s coffee business and its strategy aimed at strengthening the company’s leading position in the Croatian coffee market and business expansion in the growing segment of out-of-home consumption. More broadly, the corporate strategy is to advance the company’s leading position in the coffee segment in the region and to enhance the consumer experience not only in this category, but also in the categories of savoury spreads, salty snacks, chocolate and fruit-flavoured soft drinks, which are marked by Atlantic's leading brands (Argeta, Smoki, Najlepše želje, Cedevita).