08/22/2019 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa is hiring a new generation on Graduate Trainee Programme participants!

Atlantic Grupa, one of the leading regional companies, is receiving new graduates as part of the Atlantic Graduate Trainee Programme. They will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make important business contacts over a period of a year. Each year, selected programme participants go through numerous departments of the company and with top-notch mentoring learn about real business processes and, just as importantly, see what areas they are most interested in for career development.

For those who are ready to take their first steps in the business waters, the Atlantic Graduate Trainee programme offers an ocean of opportunity for growth and development. Participation in the programme provides young people with the opportunity to start their careers as full-fledged members of the Atlantic team, with all the responsibilities and opportunities offered by the system. Professionals from all areas are encouraged to apply, as the focus will primarily be on the search for curiosity.

“Top professionals and innovators stand out by being able to ask difficult, key questions and get the best out of their colleagues in finding solutions. For the Atlantic Graduate Trainee Programme, we're looking for just such people, who are, above all, curious.”

Applications are open until September 15, and you can apply and find out more on http://makewaves.atlanticgrupa.com/