07/11/2019 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa is introducing Gideon Brothers logistics robots into its operations

Zagreb, July 11th, 2019 - Gideon Brothers, a Croatian robotics and artificial intelligence company, has started its second pilot project so far – with Atlantic Grupa, one of the leading food manufacturing companies and a distributer of consumer goods in the region. As a part of this project, Atlantic Grupa will implement Gideon Brothers robots in its new logistics-distribution centre in Velika Gorica. These robots are fully autonomous machines based on the revolutionary visual perception technology that combines stereoscopic cameras and deep learning. 

This project is significant because it includes integration of a robot system with the Atlantic's warehouse management system (WMS) thereby bringing a new level of automatization to the Atlantic Grupa's distribution centre that is already oriented towards high efficiency. For the needs of this integration, Gideon Brothers will cooperate with Symphony RetailAI, Atlantic Grupa's provider of WMS software.
The warehousing operations in the new facility of Atlantic Grupa are based on the modern warehouse management system (WMS) and are fully digitalised and paperless. This allows optimised warehouse organisation and fully digitalised management of incoming goods, their commissioning and shipment, as well as vehicle management. 

Gideon's robots for transport of heavy loads of up to 800 kg on pallets will be integrated into this digitalised environment and will introduce additional improvements into already optimised operations. The type of use known as “swarm me“ will be tested during the pilot project where robots will move from one location to another – that is, from person to person in charge of a specific section of the warehouse using the most effective route. In Atlantic Grupa they expect that the implementation, among other things, will alleviate the problem of a lack of manpower.

Mladen Pejković, the Senior Executive Director for ICT, Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Atlantic Grupa, emphasizes the importance of the project that confirms their leading position in the industry:“That is, without a doubt, an advanced technology and we can see many advantages of its application. The first is, of course, improved performance. The second is alleviation of the problem of a lack of manpower that is felt not only in tourism and production, but also in distribution. We are actually breaking the myth of robots taking jobs from humans. The true story is actually about the cooperation between humans and robots where robots take on repetitive tasks thereby allowing humans to focus on more creative tasks and supervision improving employee satisfaction as well as the overall operational performance. Previous generations of robots – such as those Atlantic Grupa has already implemented on various locations – do not allow such cooperation and often require protective fences around the robots in order to secure employee safety. We are very ambitious and we have major plans for further development of this project. We believe in this technology and we are certain that Gideon Brothers will achieve global success."

Matija Kopić, the Chief Executive Director and Co-founder of Gideon Brothers, emphasizes the great potential of this innovation:
“Our advanced visual perception technology raises the bar of what autonomous robots can do in an actual warehouse or a production facility – a constantly changing environment. Our robot has excellent performances in industrial environments the competitor technology cannot deal with – and proof of this is the robustness of our technology. We bring real changes to logistics and material management, and we release humans from difficult and dangerous tasks so that their potential can be geared towards tasks with high added value.”

Milan Račić, the Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Gideon Brothers, emphasizes the importance of transformation of operations:
“The global industry of consumer products is drastically changing with e-commerce and digitalisation of operations dictating the tempo of operations more and more. Even the global giants must adjust. We are very happy we have started a partnership with Atlantic Grupa on the implementation of the solution that improves the performance through automatization of operations and monitoring of indicators, but does not demand compromises in terms of flexibility or cost control. Our collaborative logistics robots are flexible tools that will make working in warehouses easier and safer."