09/03/2018 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa is the first issuer on the "prime" market

Atlantic Grupa is the first issuer on the Zagreb Stock Exchange to move from the official to the leading market on the Exchange, the prime market, conceived as a segment that offers an example of best market practices and the highest standards in the area of transparency and corporate governance.

On the occasion, on September 4, the President of the Management Board of Atlantic Grupa, and Ivana Gažić, the President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, signed the agreement that made Atlantic the first issuer to approach this most demanding market segment.

"Atlantic Grupa was among the first to adopt the Code of Corporate Governance and then the Code of Business Ethics by setting the highest standards of business and reporting ever since its inception"; said Emil Tedeschi. "We were also among the first to use innovative financing models, among the first to place corporate bonds, as well as to use mezzanine financing. We are pleased to set new standards with this move, too, for everyone who will follow our example."

President of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Management Board Ivana Gažić pointed out that, since its listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Atlantic Grupa has been one of the leaders of positive trends in the area of ​​transparency and corporate governance and that this step once again confirmed their desire to provide investors with the highest level of information needed to make investment decisions.