07/01/2019 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa No1. Employer Partner

Selectio, a company specialising in the area of human resources management consulting and job placement, assigned awards to TOP employers who have achieved the highest human resources management standards. 

Even though always near the top, Atlantic Grupa reached the number one spot for the first time this year with a total of 99% achieved points in five human resources management areas: Strategy, Recruiting and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, and Relations with Employees.
Since this year, Atlantic has certified a high standard of HR practices on all markets it operates on thereby confirming the consistency of good HR practices on the level of the entire Group.

Employer Partner Project

The Employer Partner Project (CEP) began in 2005 with the goal of promoting quality in human resources management. So far, more than 100 organisations have participated in the project. The Employer Partner status may be achieved only by those organisations that achieve a minimum 70% of points in each area, with a total of at least 75%.
The TOP 5 Employer Partner list has been published since 2008. What made this year specific was the fact that 97% of points had to be reached in order to be among the top 5 organisations. Zagrebačka pivovara reached this percentage and shared the first place with Atlantic Grupa. The third place was shared among Erste banka and INA, followed by Coca-Cola Hellenic and Hrvatski telekom in the fifth place. All the TOP 5 organisations see the HR systems as a strategic business, continually invest into the development of their employees through quality systems of assessing work performance and training, and pay special attention to their relationships with their employees.
Congratulations to the entire HR team on their success and excellent results!