12/14/2017 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa took over the Red Bull distribution in Serbia

In 2018, the sales is expected to reach EUR 4.5 million

Atlantic Grupa signed the Distribution Agreement with Red Bull for the distribution of this renowned energy drink on the Serbian market, continuing to widen the distribution portfolio in accordance with the Company’s expectations and announcements. Holder of the Agreement, the value of which revolves around EUR 4.5 million, which approximately is the annual sales amount, is the Atlantic's distribution company Atlantic Brands, headquartered in Belgrade.

Red Bull GmbH, with headquarters in Austria, as the owner of the brand carrying the same name, recognized Atlantic as the strategic partner with which it can realize its ambitious business goals. Atlantic Brands is the leading distributor of fast moving consumer goods on the Serbian territory, with a wide portfolio of prominent brands such as Štark, Smoki, Najlepše želje, Bananica, Argeta, Bakina Tajna, Grand kafa, Barcaffe, Cedevita and Cockta – from its own production range, as well as renowned principals such as Rauch, Becutan - Alkaloid and one of the world's leading spirits producer Beam Suntory.

„In addition to the product range strength, high level of the distribution network development, as well as excellent coverage of the distribution channels, especially in the retail and HoReCa segment, excellent relationships with the key buyers and overall level of the distribution service that Atlantic has established in the course of 26 years of doing business in this industry had a decisive significance for making a new partnership“, stated Srećko Nakić, Vice President of Atlantic Grupa for Distribution. „We are exceptionally pleased with widening of the portfolio by adding a world-renowned brand such as Red Bull, and generally speaking, with the development and the expansion of the distribution activity, which is a part of the long-term business strategy of Atlantic Grupa“, he added.