09/10/2015 CORPORATE

Atlantic Grupa wins Euromoney awards

Euromoney, the leading specialist financial magazine has announced the results of the latest research on the quality of the management of the companies in 2015. According to the research, Atlantic Grupa is proclaimed the best managed company in Croatia, second best managed company in CEE and best managed company in the food and beverages sector in the CEE region in total.

The nominations of best managed companies is prepared by Euromoney based on the research of the analysts from leading banks and research institutes around the world. The nominated companies are selected by research participants in several areas and base their criteria reaching from the foresight of business strategy, the quality of corporate governance, transparency of financial reports, market strength of the company, its profitability, growth potential and quality of management and earnings.


Atlantic Grupa is exceptionally proud to have been recognized in 2015 as a company that has been successful in its’ business operations, has a good system of corporate governance and transparent communication with financial markets.


Euromoney magazine was founded in 1969 with the aim of monitoring the movement of the "Euromarket," which then began to develop as an international capital market, and a precursor of today's global capital markets. Today, Euromoney represents a premium category of professional financial publications with exceptional reputation in the professional community that brings in-depth analysis of capital market, investment opportunities and ventures, treasury and cash flows, and other issues regarding macroeconomics and finance. Research carried out by independent experts from a network of Euromoney represents a global reference when it comes to the evaluation of companies within individual industrial sectors or within certain regions.