12/01/2013 CORPORATE

Atlantic’s Brands Amongst the Strongest in the Region

Argeta, Cedevita, Cockta and Smoki are amongst the top 10 brands in the region, as shown in a survey by the Valicon Agency, which once again measured the strength of name brands in the whole ex-Yugoslavia region: Croatia, Slovenia, B&H, Serbia and Macedonia.

Argeta held its position at 4th place, Cedevita climbed 3 notches and is now at an excellent 5th place, Cockta is at 6th, and Smoki at 9th place – climbing a striking 8 notches since last year. The survey was taken in May and June 2013 in all countries of the region, while the strength of brands was determined based on recognisability, experience, and consumption, and is manifested in the strength of their market position.