11/05/2012 CORPORATE

Bebi at a conference of Russian paediatricians in Siberia

Last month, our Bebi baby food program participated at a conference in Siberia named Pharmacotherapy and nutrition in paediatrics.

The conference was attended by paediatricians and colleagues from educational-research organizations, as well as experts from the field of health protection. More than 800 medical professionals attended, from various regions of the Siberian Federal county.

During the conference, an exposition was held, where more than 60 companies participated, of which 12 were representatives of baby food products. At Bebi’s booth, visitors could get all the information on Bebi products, as well as Bebi food, and Bebi premium tea samples, while they could also try the new products such as Bebi Premium juices and food, and Bebiki, “Mamin recept”, and gluten-free “Prvi zub” cookies.

Attending such symposiums is a very good way of transmitting information on Bebi products to the medical public, with the help of renowned experts from the field of global medicine. So through the recommendation of respected professors, information on Bebi products came to doctors of various specializations from Russia and other markets.

According to the results from the fair, it can be concluded that Bebi is one of the leaders in baby food production; it develops a product assortment taking into account market demand with the use of the newest scientific findings. A survey of visitors to the Bebi booth showed a good knowledge of the Bebi assortment and extremely high consumer loyalty. Bebi Premium food especially stood out, and Bebiki gluten-free cookies became a favourite at the fair itself.