04/29/2019 CORPORATE

Beiersdorf – New Atlantic Grupa Partner in Macedonia

With Nivea in its distribution portfolio, Atlantic now has 6 of the top 10 regional brands.

Around the middle of March, Atlantic Grupa concluded a distribution cooperation agreement for Macedonia with Beiersdorf, a global manufacturer of personal care cosmetics products. The product portfolio that is a part of the distribution assortment in the Macedonia Distribution Area of Atlantic Grupa holds the leading positions in the personal care categories – face care, body care, lip care, universal creams for skin care and cosmetics for men. The distribution portfolio of Atlantic Grupa on the Macedonian market will expand with the globally renowned brands Nivea, Labello, Hansaplast and Atrix. The total value of the forecasted annual sales is more than 4 million Euros. 

Continual expansion of operations with renowned partners across the region

“With this new cooperation, Atlantic Grupa has confirmed its strategic determinant in Distribution that implies cooperation with principals of the highest standards and clear marketing positioning on the market. By introducing the Nivea brand into the distribution portfolio, Atlantic Grupa now has a total of six of the top 10 brands in the region (according to the Valicon research). It is our pleasure to continue expanding the assortment in Macedonia thereby strengthening the position of the leading distributer on the market“, stated Perica Vičiški, the Executive Director of the Macedonia Distribution Area.
Distribution operations are an important lever for the development of overall operations of Atlantic Grupa and the company's strategy and this has been confirmed by the latest cooperation agreement with Beiersdorf. Following the excellent results realised by expanding the portfolio via cooperation with Red Bull in Serbia and Mars group in Croatia last year, the new distribution agreement at the start of 2019 confirms the declared strategy of company's development.