03/23/2022 CORPORATE

Emil Tedeschi condemns aggression and calls for solidarity

The seventh annual EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program in Croatia was completed on Thursday, 17 March 2022. The independent expert jury chaired by Emil Tedeschi chose Miljenko Borščak and Stiven Toš, owners of the company Bomark Pak, as the winners of this year’s award. 

Bomark Pak was one of five finalists and one of 44 candidates from 28 companies, and as the winner of the Croatian seventh annual program it is set to represent Croatia at the competition for EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 title in Monaco.

The independent expert jury of the seventh annual EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program chose the winner on the basis of global criteria, which are, in addition to financial indicators, primarily based on innovation and entrepreneurial potential as well as the vision and idea of the entrepreneur. The jury consisted of former winners Alan Sumina, Đuro Horvat, Marko Pipunić, Mate Rimac, Silvio Kutić and Hrvoje Josip Balen, who were joined by the successful Croatian entrepreneurs and investors Nenad Bakić and Saša Cvetojević, while the jury has been chaired from the start of the program by Emil Tedeschi, President of the Management Board of Atlantic Grupa.

In his address, Emil Tedeschi pointed out that after a full two years of trying to find a solution to the COVID 19 pandemic as a civilization, the world is facing a new tragedy. “Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine and everything we have been witnessing the past weeks, representing a continuation of bestial disrespect for international agreements and UN conventions, has brought the world as we know it to the brink of sustainability. And we are left wondering if all this is leading us into World War III”, he said, expressing his condemnation of the violence.

“Sustainability and solidarity should be an integral part of our actions and activities. I would like for all of us to realise that it is possible to build a sustainable system even with less profit. To realise as business leaders that by giving up a part of our profit in favour of protecting the two most valuable resources – people and nature – we are actually making our systems more valuable. It is our responsibility to safeguard the future”, he continued.

“We who are privileged to still live in peace also have the responsibility to work. Today’s seventh annual event shows that new values can also be created in traditional business segments, as well as in new technologies. This is evident from the structure of our finalists. We are also seeing that businesses have long since gone beyond the conventional framework of what has been considered the definition of entrepreneurship for quite some time. For example, our last year’s laureate Algebra is first and foremost an educational institution, and then a business. Previous winners include classic industries such as Tehnix and Žito, but also new digital champions such as Nanobit and Infobip. If we also consider our laureate and global star Mate Rimac, it is clear that the situation in entrepreneurship in Croatia is changing for the better. And all of them are the reasons why I believe in a perspective of a happier, more successful, healthier and more sustainable society and community”, Mr Tedeschi concluded.