04/10/2011 CORPORATE

Farmacia nutrition counselling opened

Farmacia nutrition counselling centre and specialised store located in premises under the pharmacy (level -1) at the address Ilica 11 were opened on 8 April.

Their concept is unique because you can find everything necessary for healthy living with a multidisciplinary approach in patient care offered by pharmacists, nutritionists and doctors. This centre and specialised store offer assistance to all persons who have health problems, suffer from being overweight or simply want to learn how to eat correctly. In pleasant and modern designed premises of the counselling centre, from Monday to Friday, between 11-19 h, nutritionists will answer all questions related to nutrition and offer a possibility of creating a personal nutrition plan in line with individual needs.

FARMACIA nutrition counselling centre offers a multitude of services; with a special apparatus GAIA, based on the method of electrical impedance, the centre offers a possibility of complete analysis of the body composition. GAIA will tell you how much fat tissue, muscle, water and minerals you have in your body while nutritionists, together with their clients, will comment on the results of the performed analysis. In addition to the body omposition, GAIA also identifies your daily energy requirements and assesses your biological age. FARMACIA nutrition counselling centre also offers a possibility of creating an individual nutrition plan, which is preceded by taking a detailed nutritional case history by filling out a questionnaire on nutritional habits and personal preferences and takes into account the existing diagnoses. Based on the filled out questionnaire, nutritionists may prepare menus for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on wishes, and the centre also offers a possibility of scheduling control exams for the purpose of monitoring client progress.

Additional support to nutritionists in the counselling centre is provided by a team of pharmacists and doctors who participate in creating specific guidelines and recommendations on taking dietary supplements and pharmacotherapy. Through the joining of its competences, the expert team of the FARMACIA nutrition counselling centre ensures an integrated multidisciplinary care for its patients and their health improvement. At the webpage www.farmacia.hr you can find other details on the counselling centre’s concept, services, assortment specificities and follow events and schedule of the counselling centre.