04/25/2019 CORPORATE

'Farmacia on the go' – first edition of the magazine

Farmacia on the go is a new magazine that educates and inspires its end users to make healthy life choices. 

The idea behind the magazine is to, in addition to own digital activities and existing expert and lifestyle magazines on the market, offer something different through a 'consumer friendly' concept.
“This project is the result of team work and it is the extension of a multi-year initiative to, with its additional offer (online activities, projects in the open, specialised counselling and exclusive assortment), animate and look after our clients in full sense of the word“, stated Željka Suvajac, Farmacia's Marketing Manager.
In addition, the magazine was partially also conceptualised as a guide for novelties and seasonal products thereby offering our readers additional information about the products and associated topics.
The magazine is issued in free but limited editions so hurry to your favourite Farmacia to get your copy. The magazine will be available in e-book format as well at the end of the month so please keep an eye out on the Moja Farmacia Facebook page and Instagram profile.