05/12/2016 CORPORATE

New candidate for Atlantic Grupa’s Supervisory Board

Shareholders of Atlantic Grupa will take a vote on a new member of the company’s Supervisory Board during the General Assembly to be held on 16th June.

Jean Louis Yvon Gourbin, a manager with an exceptional international reputation, has 40 years of business experience in executive positions in consumer foods and agricultural commodities companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. He spent the majority of his career - more than 15 years, at the Kellogg Company.

New candidate for Atlantic Grupa’s Supervisory Board is an experienced manager of international reputation

Before joining Kellogg, he started his career in marketing and sales at Kronenbourg, leading beer company, then at La Maison du Café, leading ground coffee company and Ralston Purina pet food company in France. In 1983, he joined Kellogg, France as Marketing and Sales Director, then France & Benelux General Manager before becoming successively CEO of Kellogg Canada, Managing Director of Kellogg Australia & New Zealand and President of Kellogg Asia Pacific based in Sydney, Australia. In September 1998 he returned to Europe as President of Kellogg Europe based in Manchester, UK and was promoted to Vice-President of the Group. In 1999, he joined Danone Group as President of the Biscuits & Snacks Division and was a member of the Group Executive Committee. In 2004, he joined Bunge, one of the three global leaders in agricultural commodities trading and agribusiness, to become the CEO of the Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in Geneva. He was also Chairman and Member of the Board of ZT Kruszwica S.A. (Poland) and Koninklijke Bunge B.V. (Netherlands).

In May 2012, Jean Louis Yvon Gourbin retired to engage in projects where he may contribute with his multi-faceted career. He joined the Supervisory Board of Desmet Ballestra Company (industrial engineering) and the Friends of Kasalaga Association whose mission is to build and manage a primary and professional school in the village of Kasalaga, Uganda. In 2016, he is partnering with the Swiss Television to produce a program promoting the young Swiss entrepreneurs. Mr. Jean Louis Yvon Gourbin can contribute to the work of the Supervisory Board of Atlantic Grupa with his valuable experience gained during his outstanding professional work in fields of consumer food products, strategy, marketing, sales and mergers & acquisitions.

Vedrana Jelušić Kašić, who held the position of Atlantic Grupa's Supervisory Board Member, resigned from the position effective 15th May. „"Throughout the last five years, Atlantic Grupa has demonstrated the ability to drive the corporate success and in parallel to contribute to the

strengthening of the food chain by integrating many small and medium firms into their operations. I am certain that Atlantic Grupa will continue to innovate and compete, trying to excel and be better each day, setting the path for other companies to follow", commented Jelušić Kašić.