12/20/2012 CORPORATE

New image for Plidenta’s web site

Plidenta’s web site www.plidenta.com has been refreshed with new articles and content.

Now, you find information on Plidenta, find current sales in retail stores in real time, find out everything you wanted to know about toothpastes and oral hygiene, ask Plidenta’s experts questions, and participate in surveys, all in one place. Enter the date you bought your toothbrush and your email address, and Plidenta will remind you when it is time to replace it. Have fun and educate children with the new column Plidenta Kids. Inform your dentist that they can present their office to Plidenta fans for free on Plidenta’s site. Plidenta has prepared classroom material for your children’s teachers for conducting the class “Get to know your mouth and teeth” for second-grade elementary students.

All journalists, consumers, and other interested parties will now be able to find and use high-resolution Plidenta pictures, clinical research results, and other informative and educational material that Plidenta publishes on oral hygiene.

Register on the Plidenta web site and participate in shaping even more interesting and educational web content. Send us your ideas, comments, text, or pictures to [email protected]. Expect more news with a lot of unique educational content on the Plidenta website soon.