10/20/2017 CORPORATE

New Visual Identity of Atlantic Grupa

Led by the aesthetic of modern minimalism, which clearly communicates the identity of Atlantic Grupa, we introduced a new, simplified logo, with larger and more pronounced company name without added symbols.

The new logotype draws its inspiration from the shape of the Atlantic Ocean, connecting countries from the Old World with the New, just as Atlantic Grupa, through its growth and the discovery of new business opportunities connects new and existing markets. An s-curve which stretches the length of the globe, from north to the south, inspired the shape of a wave - a simple intervention that transforms the logotype into a powerful corporate symbol.

The simplicity of the logotype is aided by the clean design of its font that is aimed at our orientation towards optimisation, and confirms Atlantic Grupa as a contemporary, powerful, and creative company. Along with evident improvements, we have retained the visual elements that recognisably reflect the corporate values and driving force of Atlantic. And so we remain faithful to our red and grey colours that stand for passion and strength, and stability and security as well as the shape of a wave symbolising the creativity that washes over the shore, erasing the old and creating the new.