10/17/2014 INVESTORS

Atlantic Grupa Best in Investor Relations

Atlantic Grupa is the winner of first prize for best relations with investors, an award given by Poslovni dnevnik in recognition from investment community of companies who have fair and transparent relations with investors.

The award has been given for five years in a row now, out of which Atlantic Grupa has 4 times been the winner of one of the top three awards. The ceremony was held in Rovinj at the 3rd joint conference of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the investment fund industry in Rovinj. The award was accepted by Maja Barać Adrinek, Head of Investor Relations and Business Development, on behalf of Atlantic's Investor Relations and Business Development Department. 


"This award is the confirmation of the effort we have been investing for years now in our investor relations, but also an obligation for further efforts. Transparency in business and financial communication is an inseparable element in choosing to invest and understanding the foundations and risks of the company, both for small, as well as large institutional investors. We feel that transparency and consistence in communication, especially during economic cycle changes, pay off for the company. This most comes to the forefront in situations when the company approaches the capital market for the purpose of collecting funds for financing projects or acquisitions. In addition to company commitment in this segment, the support of relevant institutions in promoting business transparency practices is crucial," emphasized Maja Barać Adrinek, Head of Investor Relations and Business Development.


HT was awarded the third prize, and Ericsson Nikola Tesla the second. Companies from the CROBEX index and companies listed on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange competed for the award.  The ranking of the winners was decided on the basis of statistical criteria and based on a survey conducted among capital market participants.