12/14/2020 INVESTORS

Atlantic Grupa ensures stable growth with the new Bond

On 11 December 2020, Atlantic Grupa successfully issued corporate bonds with the ticker symbol ATGR-O-25CA and international securities identification number (ISIN) HRATGRO25CA5 in the amount of HRK 300 million, at a fixed annual interest rate of 0.875% with a semi-annual payment of interest and the maturity on 11 December 2025.


The Bonds were issued on the domestic capital market, listed on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and included in depository
services, as well as clearing and settlement services, of the Central Depository and Clearing Company. The first day the Bonds will be traded is 15 December 2020. The joint agents and underwriters of the Bond are Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., OTP banka d.d., Privredna banka
Zagreb d.d., Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. and Zagrebačka banka d.d., and the legal counsel is Šavorić & Partneri odvjetničko društvo, d.o.o.
The funds raised by this Bond issue shall mostly be used for refinancing the existing bonds with the ticker symbol 3ATG (ATGR-O-216A), while the remaining funds shall be used for financing the working capital. By issuing the Bonds on the domestic capital market, Atlantic Grupa continued its practice of fostering the development of the domestic capital market, which it has been developing since 2003, as well as its practice of improving own sources of financing.

By successfully issuing the new Bond in this challenging 2020, we can say that, according to the realised terms and the expressed interest, we are extremely pleased because of the strong trust that the overall investment community has repeatedly shown to Atlantic Grupa. We are  especially proud of a historically low interest rate on corporate bonds in the non-financial sector achieved on the Croatian capital market. This is a strong indicator that investors recognised the business model of Atlantic Grupa as stable and low-risk in the situation of this economic-health crisis and uncertainty regarding further development and consequences of the pandemic. The diversification of investors
we have seen in this issue indicates the undeniable development of the domestic corporate bond market, as well as of the capital market as a whole. The success of this issue is additionally confirmedby a significantly higher interest of investors compared to the total amount of the issue, of which we are very satisfied. Although not of material importance, it should be noted that, due to specific circumstances, the coordination of this issue was conducted fully online, and, in cooperation with Joint Agents and the legal counsel, we managed to perform the transaction within a short period of time while achieving financial objectives”, commented the Group Vice President for Finance, Procurement and Investment, Zoran Stanković.