09/30/2010 INVESTORS

Atlantic Grupa takes over Kalničke vode from Badel 1862

Atlantic Grupa agreed with Badel 1862 on the takeover of company Kalničke vode Bio Natura.

Atlantic is taking over Kalničke vode for enterprise value of 82 million kuna. After the takeover Kalničke vode Bio Natura will be integrated into Atlantic's Consumer Healthcare Division. 

„The acquisition of Kalničke vode is another strategically important step in the development of Atlantic Grupa. By taking over the bottling plant in Kalnik we safeguard the future of our product Cedevita GO!, create basis for stable production and business expansion in the non-alcoholic beverage sector and enter a new, very promising, distribution channel with a gallon-size packing“, said Emil Tedeschi.

The business of Kalničke vode Bio Natura consists of three main pillars – production (extraction) of spring water, production of sparkling mineral water and production and distribution of gallon-size bottles of spring water. The company sales in 2009 reached 50.6 million kuna. After the takeover, Kalničke vode will continue operations within Atlantic Grupa system as a part of Consumer Healthcare Division (where, among others, fits Cedevita). Cedevita GO!, which has been bottled in Kalničke vode so far on a contract basis, will gain a new momentum by integrating the entire production process in-house, within one company and new growth opportunities arising from the synergies of two companies.

Additional, not negligible, growth opportunities arise from the entry into the segment of production and distribution of gallon-size packing of spring water, which is a growing segment in the drinking water industry. The room for synergies with other segments of Atlantic Grupa operations is proportionately larger taking into account the possibility of developing a direct distribution channel to the final consumer.