10/13/2010 INVESTORS

Invitation to the General Assembly of Atlantic Grupa

The Management Board of the Joint Stock Company Atlantic Grupa d.d. for domestic and international trade, with the registered seat in Zagreb, Miramarska 23, on 4 October 2010 passed the decision on the convocation of the General Assembly of the Company and hereby invites the shareholders of the Company to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of Atlantic Grupa d.d. to be held on November 22nd , 2010 at 12:00 hours in the Regent Esplanade Zagreb, conference room Venecija, Zagreb, Mihanovićeva 1.

Note: On the date of Invitation to the General Assembly, total number of shares of Atlantic Grupa amounts 3.334.300 shares. From this total number, 2.368 are treasury shares and, therefore, are in the state of suspension. 3.331.932 represent shares of the Company with right of vote. Each share represents one vote at the Company’s Assembly.

Invitation to the General Assembly of Atlantic Grupa
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Application for participation
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Power of authority
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