05/13/2016 INVESTORS

Notice on Results of Bond Issue of Atlantic Grupa d.d. Maturing in 2021

Atlantic Grupa dioničko društvo za unutarnju i vanjsku trgovinu, having its registered office at
Zagrebu, Miramarska 23, registered at the Commercial court of Zagreb under „MBS“ entry

080245039, OIB: 71149912416 (“Issuer“, “Atlantic Grupa“) issued senior unsecured
bonds through public offering on 17 June 2016 in the total nominal amount of HRK
200,000,000.00 with fixed annual coupon rate set at 3.125% and semi-annual coupon
payment, with ticker code ATGR-O-216A, ISIN: HRATGRO216A9, maturing on 17 June 2021
(the „Bond“).

Notice on Results od Bond Issue
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