KALA has launched the campaign 'One KALA, One Thank You' for voluntary fire brigades


KALA will donate funds and water supplies to voluntary fire brigades across Croatia, and they invite all citizens to share their messages of gratitude to firefighters on KALA's website.

In Croatia, there are approximately 140,000 members of fire brigades, with as many as 133,000 of them being volunteers who often become involved in the work of 1,761 voluntary fire brigades from a young age. The dedication and bravery of these volunteers have been recognized by Kala, a gentle, still mineral water, which has launched the campaign "One KALA, One Thank You" with the aim of supporting voluntary fire brigades and expressing gratitude for their selfless work.

Volunteer firefighters are on call day and night, and their only reward is the satisfaction and pride of having helped someone save lives or property. Despite the challenges that come with this profession, the number of volunteer firefighters continues to grow each year, and their associations often serve as the lifeblood of local communities in Croatia. The number of female firefighters is also increasing, with women accounting for 23 percent of the total number of firefighters.

"It is not surprising that Kala, a water that reflects the quiet strength within us through the power of gentleness, stands behind volunteers who represent the silent strength of our society. Volunteer firefighters do not ask for anything in return for their work, but they deserve at least one big public thank you. That is why we have decided to launch a campaign of gratitude in which all of us who recognize the importance of volunteering, but often due to daily obligations and the fast pace of life are unable to dedicate ourselves to it, can participate," said Laura Bortas, Senior Brand Manager for Kala.

One of the unsung heroes is Atlantic's Krešimir Hernaut, a promotions organizer for Slovenia and Croatia in the Central Marketing department and a proud long-standing member of the Volunteer Fire Department Šestine. "We don't choose where and when we go on interventions; that is done by the Public Brigade that deploys us in the field. After the duty brigade receives information about the intervention, we start preparing and quickly head to the scene, where we first assess the situation and promptly take action to provide assistance to people. After completing the intervention, we report to the Operational Communication Center (OKC) in Savska and then return to the fire station or proceed to the next intervention, depending on the need," shared Krešimir.

Kala will support voluntary fire brigades with financial donations and supplies of bottled water. Citizens can also participate in the "One KALA, One Thank You" campaign. Each bottle of Kala contains a code that citizens can scan and visit the website jednakala-jednohvala.hr, where they have the opportunity to leave a message of gratitude for firefighters.