06/17/2015 PRODUCTS

Argeta is No. 1 in Austria and No. 2 in Switzerland!

Argeta achieved its best sales results in Austrian and Swiss market reaching the highest market share so far, confirms the research carried out by Nielsen.

The undisputed ruler of category in Austria

Market share of over 30% earned Argeta the title of market leader in Austria in the category of pâté. Impressive is the fact that out of all pâtés sold in Austria, first three places belong to Argeta: Chicken 95g, Tuna 95g and Chicken Halal 95g. The forth place is held by a local pâté manufacturer, Inzersdorfer, while the fifth once again belongs to Argeta, or to be more precise its version for the youngsters - Argeta Junior.

Long-time efforts bring results in Switzerland as well

Even in Switzerland, Argeta's market share increased substantially and now amounts to almost 27%, which reinforced Argeta in excellent second place on that market.

"Success doesn't come overnight. We have been investing in brand Argeta in Austrian and Swiss market for years now. Without the vision and courage it wouldn't have worked. We invested a great deal of knowledge and resources in making that vital step from ethnic stores into large retail chains where we could convince the Austrian consumer to try out Argeta. Today, Argeta has superb distribution in Austria and is present in all key account stores in addition to which we have launched our first advertising campaign in that market. Our plans are ambitious. Austrian market represents a successful model, methods and references for the success in other Western European markets, which is our ultimate goal", said Enzo Smrekar, General Manager of SBU Savoury Spreads.