03/31/2015 PRODUCTS

Atlantic Grupa and its Brands Win on Slovenian Market

Atlantic Grupa is the winner of traditional annual award - “Advertiser of the Year 2014” presented on this year’s Slovenian advertising festival (SOF).

Festival organised by the Slovenian advertising council (SOZ) took place on the 26th and 27th of March gathering a range of marketing and advertising experts and over 1000 participants.

Expertise, long-term brand responsibility and innovativeness of Atlantic brand’s market presence are key arguments in favour of Atlantic’s election for the “Advertiser of the Year 2014” on Slovenian market. In spite of the unfavourable economical climate during past year, Atlantic Grupa achieved outstanding sales results, growth of market share and brand recognition.

Effie for Donat Mg and Argeta

Argeta, Cockta, Barcaffè and Donat Mg stand apart, each in its own category, as brands who strengthened their leading positions all the while winning over new consumer categories, introducing new flavours and sub-brands, finding new communication approaches and awarding already successfully set up communication platforms.

Therefore, at the same festival, Donat Mg earned Gold Effie and Argeta won Silver Effie while Atlantic Grupa was pronounced the most efficient advertiser according to Effie Effectiveness Index. Upon receiving the award for the “Advertiser of the Year 2014”, Enzo Smrekar, General Manager of SBU Savoury Spreads, pointed out: “We focused on the key brands; Argeta, Barcaffè, Cockta and Donat Mg continuously investing in them, not only work and knowledge, but also passion, determination and bravery. We are delighted to receive this award for it’s an acknowledgement of our work”.