02/23/2017 PRODUCTS

Atlantic Grupa Dominates the Scale of the Strongest Regional Brands

The results of Valicon's research "Top 25 regional brands in 2016" showed Atlantic Grupa with its four production and two distribution brands as the company with the largest number of leading brands in the region.

Thanks to its long tradition and continuous development in accordance with modern standards, Cedevita, Argeta, Smoki and Cockta have convincingly been dominating among the top 10 strongest brands for several years now.

In 2016, redesign from the previous year, brand extensions and activation across all channels ensured Cedevita its highest 3rd place so far, which is also the highest among Atlantic's brands this year.  Despite the pressures from all sides, Argeta, ranking 5th, successfully kept its position within the top five. Right behind Argeta, Smoki placed 6th, while Cockta kept 8th place from last year.  The efficient synergy of Atlantic’s distribution with its principals is reflected in the high placement of the brands Airwaves, Orbit and Snickers which, through the joint efforts of these teams, have successfully found their way to consumers in the region.

Individual Markets

In Slovenia, Barcaffè as the only brand of coffee which holds a leading position in the country, shows remarkable success.  Cedevita is in third place, Argeta fifth, while Cockta ranks eighth. We are especially proud of the fact that this year our functional mineral water Donat Mg also placed among the top 10.

In Croatia, Cedevita repeated its success, coming in third in the rankings. Smoki holds this position in Serbia. The brand Najlepše želje, coming in at an excellent ninth place as the only brand of chocolate originating in the region, has also found its standing among the strongest brands on this largest regional market, contending against tough international competition.

Argeta is convincingly the strongest brand in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only brand to hold a top position in two countries. Cedevita ranks fourth in B&H, while Smoki holds tenth place. Along with our production brands, Atlantic's principal brand Orbit ranked among the TOP 10 in Macedonia and B&H, coming in ninth in both markets.

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